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Tikko Weddings


Anna and Haig began their long awaited wedding day surrounded by lush landscapes at the LA Arboretum.  The couples first look was accompanied by roaming peacocks under the shelter of trees.  Anna wore a dress designed by Lazaro from Lovella Bridal, with a lacey bodice, the same fabric trimming the edge of her veil where her and her soon to be husband embraced.  Anna’s swept back hair was done by Lala K at Atelier Sav Salon and her makeup by Linh Tran at Lara C Kay Salon.  The ceremony took place at the beautiful Armenian church of St. Leon Cathedral in Burbank, California.  The reception was held at the Arbat Banquet Hall and was full of dancing and dining.  Florals were arranged by Nora’s Designed Flowers and the multi-tiered cake by Chef Sed.  Enjoy!


Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_001 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_002 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_003 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_004 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_005 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_006 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_007 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_008 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_009 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_010 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_011 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_012 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_013 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_014 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_015 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_016 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_017 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_018 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_019 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_020 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_021 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_022 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_023 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_024 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_025 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_026 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_027 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_028 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_029 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_030 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_031 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_032 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_033 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_034 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_035 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_036 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_037 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_038 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_039 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_040 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_041 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_042 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_043 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_044 Anna-Haig-Tikko-Weddings_045

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There’s nothing like looking through your wedding photos in a classic book. We take pride using the best quality elements to create wedding albums that last a lifetime.

Once we have designed a layout that our clients approve, we take it to the same great lab that scan our film, Richard Photo Lab. Once printed, our trusted album maker Mike from Melrose Albums flush mounts the pages into a genuine Italian Leather.

These albums can be made to order in several sizes.  Our 10”x10” album is popular with couples that use it on their coffee table. There is additional info about our album options on our Pricing Page.

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